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One of the most confusing aspects of being injured in a car or truck accident is determining who pays your doctor’s bills and other medical expenses.  The answer to this is not logical and is often misunderstood.

The logical answer would be: “The insurance company of the at-fault driver is responsible for the medical expenses and other losses.”  And while this is technically true, it is misleading.

The truth is that the insurance company for the at-fault driver will ultimately be responsible for your medical expenses for fair and reasonable medical treatment that is related to the accident.  But the problem is one of timing.  The liability insurance company is not legally obligated to pay your bills until you make a settlement (including those expenses) or obtain a court judgment against the negligent driver for those expenses.  And you never want to make such a settlement prematurely, as you only get one chance to settle – you cannot keep your claim for medical expenses “open” against the liability insurance company.

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